Rent A Meeple is a monthly board game rental subscription service for modern board games in the UK. Simply choose a subscription, add games you would like to receive to your wish list and receive new games each month!

1 Board Game - 3 Month Rental Subscription (10% OFF EACH MONTH!)

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(Customers must be 18 or older to use our service)

Buy 6 months of Rent A Meeple and receive 15% OFF EACH MONTH by Clicking Here!

Buy 12 months of Rent A Meeple and receive 20% OFF EACH MONTH by Clicking Here!

- 1 delivery of 1 board game per month for 3 months

- No deposit required

- Games selected from your personal wish list. Minimum no. of games required (5 times no. of games on subscription)

- Organise the games on your wish list in your priority order

- Not sure which games to add to your wish list? No problem, just contact us and we will be happy to recommend games for you

- Play games for as long as you like - No late fees

- Number of games in following months delivery based on number of games you return

- Rolling subscription - Cancel any time - No hidden fees

- Delivery and VAT included -

- Games purchasing option

- COVID-19 aware - All games cleaned thoroughly and 'quarantined' for 72 hours minimum before being available to rent

- Games sleeved and laminated where possible to allow effective cleaning

- Game components fully organised and components page included in each box