About Us

At Rent A Meeple we are striving to fix the following problems we've found during our time as board game enthusiasts:

  • Finding board gaming expensive if you want to play lots of different games
  • Not being able to play games before you decide to buy them
  • Having unplayed games collecting dust on your shelf
  • Not having access to all the different games you’d like to play
  • Having limited space to store a collection of games

If you've experienced any of the same problems, then Rent A Meeple is for you!

We offer a modern board game rental service for customers living in England, Scotland and Wales. Each month you receive 1 delivery of great games (number of games dependent on your subscription level). These games are taken from your own personal games wish list, which you create from our online collection of over 600 great games. You play the games for as long as you like, no late fees! The number of games you then receive the following month is based on the number of games you have returned.

Our great benefits include the following:

  • 16 different subscription levels to suit your budget and needs
  • Pay in advance subscription options with special bonuses
  • All delivery fees and VAT included in subscription amount
  • Personal games wish list
  • Wish list priority function helping you get the games you want first
  • Game purchasing option
  • COVID-19 aware - all games cleaned and 'quarantined' for 72 hours minimum before renting to next customer
  • Cards sleeved and reference sheets laminated where possible to allow for effective cleaning
  • Each game checked thoroughly for pieces and condition
  • All games fully organised with components bagged/labelled plus component page included so you know exactly what is in the box

I’ve always appreciated it when companies provide more of a personal touch, so I wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Ben and this is me struggling to hold up my top 3 games of all time! I am the Company Owner/Director at Rent A Meeple.

I have enjoyed classic board/card games ever since my grandad introduced me to Trumps/Rummy as a child and when I discovered modern tabletop games 5 years ago I was hooked!

When you contact us on our website or through social media it’s myself or my Social Media Manager that you will be speaking to. So if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to help!

Rent A Meeple are your fellow board game enthusiasts. Looking to make a difference by making board gaming more affordable and allowing you to play more great games than ever from our wonderful hobby.